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Guarantee your seat at a No1 Lounge from as little as £6!

Your holiday starts when you step into our lounges – with comfortable seating in a range of stylish spaces, including dedicated areas for over-12s only, our lounges are perfect for groups and solo travellers alike.

You can enjoy delicious, freshly prepared dishes and a wide variety of premium drinks including beers, wines, sparkling wines, spirits and soft drinks from our complimentary, fully tended bar. Hot beverages are also available.

And with unlimited WiFi and convenient charging points as standard, you can escape the hustle and bustle of airport life and stay relaxed in the lounge, right up until the time of your departure.

Your reservation will also include priority security at Gatwick – so you can breeze through the airport.

Remember, at times we are very popular, so this is the perfect way to ensure we can welcome you. You may still access the lounge without a reservation, however, please be aware this way entry is subject to available space and cannot be guaranteed.

Please note, the showers and Travel Spa at Heathrow Terminal 3 are closed until further notice.

*The reservation fee is an additional charge, which secures a place for you in the lounge. The visit itself will be processed through your lounge membership card. The card must be valid on the day of your visit and should be presented at reception on arrival. If, under the terms of your membership, you have an allowance of free visits, or your visits are paid for through your associated bank account, these will also be deducted in the normal way.


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The Customer must present a valid booking confirmation (“Booking Confirmation”) and lounge access card to the Lounge reception in order to gain access to the Lounge. A Booking Confirmation is valid when it is generated by No1 and issued to the Customer after the Customer has provided all required information for a Booking and processed payment from the Customer’s credit card. On arrival, the visit will be recorded and processed as per the terms of the Customer's lounge access card. The Booking Confirmation is non-transferable. Entry into a Lounge is only permitted on the date of travel, for the time booked, and for the number of customers shown on the Booking Confirmation. The Customer may include a maximum of eight passengers per Booking (including, where permitted, infants and children). Admission for additional customers shall be at the discretion of the Lounge staff and subject to an entry fee set by the Lounge, to be paid by the additional customer(s) to the Lounge at the time of entry. Each Customer must be in possession of a valid flight ticket and boarding pass for a departing flight on the same date as the Lounge Booking. All lounge bookings begin three hours prior to the Customer's flight time, unless indicated differently within the Lounge conditions of entry and on the Booking Confirmation. Customers may extend their stays only at the discretion of the Lounge staff. Any additional charge for an extension must be paid by the Customer directly to the Lounge. Children (where permitted) must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The cost for child entry is based on an age range, and is determined by the Lounge. Any infants or children causing upset to other Customer's comfort may be asked to vacate the Lounge facilities or to utilise a designated family area. It is the Customer’s responsibility to confirm that the Lounge location is accessible from the terminal they will be travelling from and that the hours of Lounge operation match their travel plans. Customers should contact their travel provider before booking to confirm this information. No1 will not be held liable to any Customer who has booked an incorrect or inaccessible Lounge. No1 will not refund any unused Bookings under these or any circumstances. Please note that all Lounges reserve the right to refuse entry 30 minutes before the Lounge closing. Priority security is operated by each airport independently and is subject to availability.